A foundation for providing connections to music for individuals with special needs
What’s your favorite song??? How has music played a role in your life?  

The benefits of a musical education for individuals with special needs can be profound.  Research has shown significant improvements in social engagement, attention deficits, and areas related to self-esteem.   Often the very individuals who would benefit most from private music instruction are the ones who are unable to afford it. Families of individuals with special needs are often inundated with expenses ranging from therapies to medications to special toys and educational devices. The aim of this program is to reach these individuals, at an affordable cost to the family and/or organization.  From the autistic toddler learning to communicate through song to the withdrawn teenager searching desperately for a creative outlet to the adult with Alzheimer’s Syndrome struggling to reconnect to meaningful memories, the program is attuned to meet the specific needs of a variety of music lovers!

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